Bedeutungen mit Buchstabe C

Abkürzung Bedeutung
CCD charge coupled device
CCH cancel character
CCM Certified Credit Manager
CCO Chief Communications Officer
CCO Chief Customer Officer
CCS corporate culture system
CCT Craniale Computertomographie
CDA Christlich-Demokratische Arbeitnehmerschaft
CDK cyclin-dependent kinase
CDO Chief Data Officer
CDP Cytidindiphosphat
CDU Christlich-Demokratische Union
CDU Classificaton Décimale Universelle
CED chronisch entzündliche Darmerkrankungen
CEF Common Executable Format
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEO Corporate Europe Observatory
CEY Ceylon
CFC Chemnitzer Fußballclub
CFK Christliche Friedenskonferenz
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFV Call For Votes
CGA color graphics adapter
CGB Christlicher Gewerkschaftsbund
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CGM Christliche Gewerkschaft Metall
CGM Continous Glucose Monitoring
CHE Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung
CHI Chile
CHL Chile
CHN Concours Hippique National
CHN China, Volksrepublik
CHP Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIC Counter Intelligence Corps
CIF common intermediate format
CIF Conseil International des Femmes
CIM computer integrated manufacturing
CIM Common Information Model
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIO Chief Investment Officer
CIP Certified Internet Professional
CIP computer integrated purchasing
CIP continuous improvement process
CIP Centro Internacional de la Papa
CIP cataloging in publication
CIP carriage and insurance paid
CIR committed information rate
CIR Comité International de la Radioélectricité
CIR computer integrated railroading
CIR color infrared
CIR consumer infrared
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange
CJD Creutzfeldt Jakob Desease
CJD Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands
CJK Creutzfeldt-Jakob-Krankheit
CKO Chief Knowledge Officer
CKP Christlich-konservative Volkspartei
CKW chlorierte Kohlenwasserstoffe, Chlorkohlenwassertoff[e]
CLA contributor license agreement
CLI Command Line Interface
CLI Common Layer Interface
CLO Chief Learning Officer
CLO Chief Listening Officer
CLO Chief Logistics Officer
CLP Chile - Peso
CLR Common Language Runtime
CLS Common Language Specification
CLS continuous linked settlement
CLS clear screen
CLV constant linear velocity
CMA Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft der deutschen Agrarwirtschaft
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
CMP Cytidinmonophosphat
CMS content management system
CMS color management system
CMV Computer-Missbrauch-Versicherung
CNA Certified Novell Administrator
CNC computerized numerical control
CNE Certified Novell Engineer
CNG compressed natural gas
CNI Coalition for Networked Information
CNI Certified Novell Instructor
CNL CityNightLine
CNO Chief Networking Officer
CNR communication and networking riser
CNS central nervous system
CNS Chrom-Nickel-Stahl
CNY China, Volksrepublik - Renminbi Yuan
COC Canadian Olympic Committee
COD chemical oxygen demand
COD Crystallography Open Database
COE Chamber Orchestra of Europe
COK Cookinseln
COM component object model
COM computer output on microfilm
CON Comité Olympique Nationale
COO Chief Operating Officer
COP Conference of the Parties
COR Component Object Runtime
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