Bedeutungen mit Buchstabe C

Abkürzung Bedeutung
COT Cyclooctatetraen
CPA Cyproteronacetat
CPB Central Planning Bureau
CPL common public license
CPU central processing unit
CQO Chief Quality Officer
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CRC Costa Rica - Colón
CRC Costa Rica
CRI Costa Rica
CRM Centrum für Reisemedizin
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRO Chief Risk Officer
CRO Chief Research Officer
CRR case resolution rate
CRS Common Reporting Standard
CSB Chemischer Sauerstoffbedarf
CSC customer service center
CSD Christopher Street Day
CSF coloniestimulierende Faktoren
CSI control sequence intro
CSL call support layer
CSL Citation Style Language
CSO Chief Security Officer
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CSS cascading style sheets
CSS commercial space station
CSS content scramble system
CSU Christlich-Soziale Union
CSU channel service unit
CSU Cauchy-Schwarz-Ungleichung
CSU Crime Scene Unit
CTA cisco trust agent
CTC centralized train control
CTG CICS transaction gateway for Java
CTG Computer Task Group
CTI computer telephony integration
CTI Chemisch-Technisches Institut
CTI comparative tracking index
CTP Cytidintriphosphat
CTR click through rate
CTS Container-Transportsystem
CTS Common Type System
CTS clear to send
CUG Closed User Group
CUU computerunterstützter Unterricht
CUW Curaçao
CVA cerebovascular accident
CVO Chief Visionary Officer
CVP Christlichdemokratische Volkspartei der Schweiz
CVS Concurrent Versioning System
CWD current working directory
CWO cash with order
Ca. Carcinoma
Cb. Cembalo
Ch. Chiffre
Ch. Chaffeur
Ch. Chemie
Ch. Champion
Ch. Chor
Ch. Charge
Ch. Chef[in]
Ch. Chaussee
Ch. China
Ch. Chirurg[in]
Ch. Chirurgie
Cl. Club
Co. Compagnie
CoC Certificate of Conformity
CoC Center of Competence
CoP Community of Practice
Ct. Cent[s]
Ct. Courtage
CtL coal-to-liquid
CvD Chef[in] vom Dienst
cze Czech
cym Cymraeg
cwt centum weight
cos corsu
cor Cornish
ckm cubic kilometre
ckm cubic kilometer
chv Chuvash
chu Church Slavic
che Chechen
cdm cubic decimeter
cdm cubic decimetre
ccm cubic centimeter
ccm cubic centimetre
cbm cubic meter
cbm cubic metre
cat Catalan
cal Calorie
TPE Chinese Taipei
KYD Cayman Islands - Dollar
Ina Christina
XCO cross country
ca. circa
ca. contra
cf. confer
-100 +100