Bedeutungen mit Buchstabe C

Abkürzung Bedeutung
c. s. con sordino
c. t. cum tempore
c. v. curriculum vitae
c. v. colla voce
cand. candidatus
cant. cantabile
capp. cappella
caps. capsula
carc. carcinoma
ccTLD country-code Top-Level-Domain
cert. Certificate
char. charakteristisch
char. charakterisieren
char. charakterisiert
chem. chemisch
chil. chilenisch
chin. chinesisch
chir. chirurgisch
chol. cholerisch
cmiiw correct me, if I am wrong
coll. college
coll. colleague
comm. communication
comm. commerce
comm. community
comm. committee
cond. condition
conf. conférence
conf. conferatur
corp. corpus
cosec cosecans
coss. consules
cour. couragiert
curr. current
curr. currentis
Cous. Cousine
Cous. Cousin
Cilli Cäcilia, Cecilia, Zäzilia
grats congratulations
gratz congratulations
Cilla Cäcilia, Cecilia, Zäzilia
Cilli Cäcilie, Cecilie, Zäzilie
Cilla Cäcilie, Cecilie, Zäzilie
Chris Christine
Chris Christina
Chris Christiana, Kristiana
Chor. Choräle
Chris Christiane, Kristiane
Chin. Chinesin[nen]
Chor. Choral
Chin. Chinese[n]
BRICS China-Südafrika
Colido Computergestützte Liegenschaftsdokumentation der DDR
C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
C.N.S. central nervous system
CASTOR cask for storage and transport of radioactive material
CD-ROM compact disc read only memory
Cabrio Cabriolet
Calif. California
Catina Caterina
Catrin Catarina, Katharina
CeBeeF Club der Behinderten und ihrer Freunde
Ch.-P. Chefpilot
Chauvi Chauvinist
Chefp. Chefpilot
Chrom. Chromatik
Chron. Chronologie
Court. Courtage
Cyborg cybernetic organism
Stoffe Christof, Christoph, Kristof
c.a.d. cash against documents
c.a.f. cost and freight
c.b.d. cash before delivery
c.i.a. cash in advance
c.i.f. cost, insurance, freight
c.o.s. cash on shipment
c.w.o. cash with order
chiff. chiffriert
chiff. chiffrieren
chrom. chromatisch
cresc. crescendo
cu.ft. cubic foot cubic inch
cu.yd. cubic yard
Crista Christiana, Kristiana
Crista Christiane, Kristiane
ChemRRV Chemikalien-Risikoreduktions-Verordnung
Chefadj Chefadjutant
CAPTCHA completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Aid
Cathrin Catharina, Katharina
Ch.-Pl. Chefplaner[in]
Chefpl. Chefplan
Chefpl. Chefplaner[in]
Chemot. Chemotechnik
Christ. Christentum
Stoffel Christof, Christoph, Kristof
c. aff. con affetto
c. div. cum dividendo
chiffr. chiffriert
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